Who made the Forbes list as the richest woman in America?

Answer As of April 2010, Forbes Magazine listed Christy Walton as the wealthiest woman in America. Walton, who received her $15.7 billion fortune as an inheritance earned from the Wal-Mart company's produ... Read More »

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In what range is Oprah Winfrey for richest people?

How do people become rich in America?

By being arrogant pricks who don't mind stepping on other people on their way up.

How is Walmart helpful to the people of America?

Walmart strives to help people of America externally through charitable initiatives often through the Walmart Foundation. Walmart, as of February 2010, also helps people of America internally throu... Read More »

How many people are in debt in America?

Overall, Americans' personal debt has risen in the past ten years. Some 43 percent of American families spend more than they earn annually, according to the Federal Reserve, and the average househo... Read More »