Are you currently using a Mac or a PC?

Answer I have a home-built PC, sporting an ASUS MB in a Tenor desktop style case. It's a P4 at 3GHz. I'm using Windows 2000 Pro, with FireFox. It's got an 80GB Hard drive and 512MB of RAM. I've got a... Read More »

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Is the Facebook currently working for you?

I was talking to Mark Zuckerburg earlier, over Fondue (we love fondue), and he was telling me about the day he chose to name his website The Facebook. He said it was a big day for him and than he a... Read More »

Is Facebook currently down?

Is wikipedia currently down?

Just back up. If you are in europe, clear your DNS cache to get formatting back, if that's broken for you.

I am currently claiming jsa and am unemployed?

I've been in the same position as you for a while. The job centre are absolutely terrible. If you go to college your benefits ARE cut off, thats what i was told. I got a job that turned out to be a... Read More »