How many players are on an NBA basketball team?

Answer League rules require each NBA team to have 12 players on its active list, and at least one player on its inactive list, for a minimum total of 13 players. NBA teams are allowed to have as many as t... Read More »

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How Do Basketball Players Gain Weight?

For basketball players, gaining weight is not easy. The sport burns so many calories that it requires a player to consume a large number. The sport also requires such footwork and quickness that ex... Read More »

What headphones are recommended for basketball players?

not necessarily needed but if you want to talk to your mates then yes

How to Teach Drills to Get Players Ready for Offense in Basketball?

There is a saying that in basketball great offense beats great defense every time. The key to successful offense is teamwork based on thorough and relevant drills. There are many drills that will h... Read More »

Why can't you drop some players in ESPN fantasy basketball?

This month's issue, should be on the stands now. (It's the Nov. 15. 2010 issue, "The LOUD LOUD LOUD Issue", Page 102)