When did the three stooges die?

Answer Curly died in 1976,Larry died in 1982, and Moe died in 1985

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Are the three stooges still on tv?

anythings"s possible with reruns, generally. There are, of course stitched-together anthology films of the Stooges" works, usually shown late at night or near or on minor holidays such as Halloween... Read More »

Are the three stooges dead?

All 6 of the classic Three Stooges are deceased. The oldest Stooge, Shemp, was born in 1895, and the youngest, Curly Joe, was born in 1909 and died in 1993.* Moe (Moe Howard born Moses Harry Horwit... Read More »

Who was the funniest of the Three Stooges?

All had their moments, but Curly was the star of the show. His facial expressions while delivering his jokes were priceless.

Are any of the three stooges alive today?

No. They have all passed away. Members: Ted Healy (Real Name: Clarence Ernst Lee Nash), Died: December 21, 1937 (aged 41). Moe Howard (Real Name: Moses Harry Horwitz). Died: May 4, 1975 (aged 77)... Read More »