Who are the prime minister and president of Israel?

Answer The prime minister of Israel is Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud Party. He became prime minister in 2009. The president of the State of Israel is currently Shimon Peres of the Kadima Party. He has b... Read More »

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Who was the Prime Minister of Israel in 2008?

The Prime Minister of Israel in 2008 was Ehud Olmert. He was elected in to office in May 2006 after serving as Interim Prime Minister since January of that year. Olmert's term in office ended in 20... Read More »

Whats in a Name... President vs Prime Minister?

There are two main practical differences. First, the Australian Prime Minister is not elected to that position, whereas the US President is. Second, the Prime Minister is always a member of Parli... Read More »

Who was the Prime Minister of the UK in 1989?

When did St. Vincent get its first prime minister?

The first prime minister of St. Vincent and the Grenadines assumed office in October 1979, when the country became independent from Great Britain. Milton Cato of the St. Vincent Labour Party was th... Read More »