Who are the persons subjected to military law?

Answer In a sealed envelope or container in the possession of a vetted classified document courier, or in a locked cabinet or safe in an approved classified documents storage area.

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Is the army commander subjected to military law in any country?

Civilian law is typically always in place. Military law is only invoked in extreme emergencies. However, military personnel are always subject to military law. The Adjutant General will negotiate w... Read More »

How many persons are in a military troop?

A troop is an armored or air cavalry unit in the U.S. Army that is comprised of roughly 62 to 190 people. A comparable number of soldiers in the Army infantry is called a company.Source:Patriotic A... Read More »

What is the authorized number of persons in the us military?

Does the military laws supersede civilian laws when it comes to filing a missing persons report?

Answer If the missing person is an active duty member of a service branch, yes, it does.