Who are the participant in the property market?

Answer both

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How do I calculate the market value of a property?

Get ComparablesTalk to a real estate agent. Have her compile a list of similar properties that have sold in the last six months within a 1 mile radius of the property.Figure DepreciationAdjust the ... Read More »

How to Find Fair Market Value of Property?

Whether you plan to sell a piece of property in the near future or simply want to get an idea of the value of the asset to determine your net worth, you'll have to find out its fair market value. T... Read More »

Determining the Fair Market Value of Old Property?

When selling older property, it's important to find recent home sales that are a close match to your property. Some older styles of homes are more popular and demand a higher market value. Using on... Read More »

How does michigan determine the fair market value of property?

Each state must have a method to determine "fair market value" of real property. Michigan law and Constitution regulates this determination,Market (Cash) ValueAs the city of Livonia Michigan explai... Read More »