Who are the other people in that great phone commercial besides Whoopi Goldberg?

Answer From August 26, 2009NEW YORK T-Mobile is rolling out a campaign in support of myTouch 3G, which the company is pitching as a competitor to the iPhone.A series of spots, which debut today, tout the ... Read More »

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Does Whoopi Goldberg have siblings?

She has a brother: Clyde K. Johnson, driver; born 1949; six years older than Whoopi; often works as Whoopi's personal driver on film locations

How to Get Dreads Like Whoopi Goldberg?

Whoopi Goldberg used to wear her hair in braids. Then she embraced a "low-maintenance" style. She once said, "Today when I see dreads, braids, plum lipstick and women wearing flats and sneakers, I ... Read More »

Who is Whoopi Goldberg's better half?

Whoopi Goldberg does not currently have a better half (a husband). Goldberg has been married three times, and all marriages ended in divorce. She divorced Alvin Martin in 1979, David Claessen in 19... Read More »

What is Whoopi Goldberg's former real name?

Whoopi Goldberg was born Caryn Elaine Johnson in the New York neighborhood of Chelsea in 1955. She used the name Whoopi Cushion when she founded the San Diego Repertory Company in the 1970s.Referen... Read More »