Who are the only siblings and father to hold a high post in the US?

Answer He has two half brother, Earl Jr and Kevin, they are his father's children.

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How much weight can a 4x4 wood post hold?

A 4-inch by 4-inch wood post can hold up to 3,500 pounds. A 6-by-6 wood post holds up to 20,000 pounds. The 4-by-4 wood posts can be used in a number of construction jobs, including the building of... Read More »

Did Father Lacombe have any siblings?

Being an older sister isn't always the best because older siblings are generally expected to be a positive role model for their younger siblings. If you feel you are being unfair and your older sis... Read More »

You and your brother have the same father but different mohters are you whole siblings?

You are half sibilings, It would be the same if you guys had the same mom and different dads.

If you have the same father and different mother are you whole or half siblings?