Who are the only siblings and father to hold a high post in the US?

Answer He has two half brother, Earl Jr and Kevin, they are his father's children.

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Name the only sibling and farther that held a high post in the US?

1.) Rebbie Jackson (May 29th, 1950) 2.) Jackie Jackson (May 4th, 1951)3.) Tito Jackson (October 15th, 1953)4.) Jermaine Jackson (December 11th, 1954)5.) La Toya Jackson (May 29th, 1956)6.) Ma... Read More »

How to Hold a High School Reunion Only for People You Liked?

if you weren't the most popular person in your high school class. At your reunion here is how to get back at them.

Why do burnable CDs only hold 80 minutes of music when they can hold 700MB of data?

Because CD players can only read uncompressed audio files (i.e. .wav). When you use cd burning software to make an audio CD it will decompress all of the audio, hence taking up more space.Lots of ... Read More »

Did Father Lacombe have any siblings?

Being an older sister isn't always the best because older siblings are generally expected to be a positive role model for their younger siblings. If you feel you are being unfair and your older sis... Read More »