Who are the models in the Direct TV Commercial?

Answer Yes, TNA Impact is on channel 241 for DirecTV.

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Who is the football player on the direct tv commercial for direct connect?

Who are the two cute models at the end of the directv Russian billionaire commercial?

Has Patrick Dempsey done a direct tv commercial or who is the actor who does a Direct TV commercial who looks and sounds like Patrick Dempsey?

The guy isn't him. I wondered the same thing for quite awhile. They have a new ad now w/a closeup of the guy--don't know who he is, but it sure seemed like the camera distance in the old ads was de... Read More »

Who is the brunette in the Direct TV Time's Up commercial Note this commercial is not the one with Tanya Memme but rather a 20 something brunette who looks really familiar?

I think she is Sarah Kozinn of Yoplait polka dot bikini fame. If not, she looks like Sarah's twin sister.