Who are the members of Earth, Wind and Fire?

Answer Earth, Wind and Fire is an R&B band that has been performing since 1970. It has won numerous awards and has had more than a dozen members over the years under the leadership of Maurice White.Mauric... Read More »

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What is the Earth's average wind speed?

The average wind speed on Earth is 11.1 miles per hour. 10-meter-high turbines throughout the world were used to gather data that helped scientists calculate the average wind speed over land (7.34 ... Read More »

What protects the Earth from the solar wind?

Earth's magnetosphere protects the planet from solar winds. NASA states that the magnetosphere is a magnetic field that surrounds the planet, deflecting solar wind so it zips past without penetrati... Read More »

What is the average wind speed on Earth?

Average wind speed varies upon where you are. Some areas such as Mt. Washington in New Hampshire experience average wind speeds of over 35 miles per hour. According to Stanford University research,... Read More »

Is hurricane wind speed relative to the earth or the eye?

According to the weather website Clouds R Us, meteorologists use a combination of land- and sea-based instruments to measure hurricane wind speeds. Because these instruments measure wind from a num... Read More »