Who are the main characters in a man named Dave?

Answer Dave

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Who were the characters Bert and Ernie on Sesame Street were named after?

They were named after the Policeman and the Cab Driver on "It's a Wonderful Life"

Who are the seven main characters in the alchemist?

Yes. Don Quixote is the original spelling of the name in old Spanish. The former "x" and the current "j" from today's Spanish make the same sound, so it was adapted in later editions of the novel t... Read More »

Who are the main characters in The bully?

Technically no! Unless the 17 year old is now 18 and has a job, and a place to live along with many other things. I think the best thing to go it go talk to a teacher, ask for help and tell them th... Read More »

Two and a Half Men main characters?

charlie, alan, jake, charlie mom, berta, ands in the new series chealse