Who are the judges on the Renovators?

Answer Luisa Mcarthy and Roger Davis

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What is judges lounge?

It's not a legal term, but probably refers to a special room within the courthouse where judges may go on break, drink coffee, eat lunch, etc. and to whcih entrance is restircted only to members of... Read More »

Who are the judges for X-Factor?

Which version US ,UK, Australia?For the US only Simon and Demi Lovato are the only 2 confirmed right nowThere are reports Kelly Rowland might join but won't be sure until next monthThe other 2 won'... Read More »

How many administrative patent judges are there?

The Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI) was created within the United States Patent and Trademark Office to written appeals to adverse actions by patent examiners. The BPAI Chief Admi... Read More »

Who were the first 4 American idol judges?

Actually they were three judges at first : ( Simon , Paula , Randy ) until season seven , Kara joined them and became a judge , and now Paula left after season eight and Ellen is the new judge , an... Read More »