Who are the famous siblings of acting or music?

Answer 1. Aly and Aj2. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

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How to Become Famous in Acting?

Angelina.. A famous actressFace it, we all see famous actors and actresses on TV and we all want to be like them. Well, it's not easy (or cheap) but it pays for itself in the end! Here are some tips.

Which famous singer has made a movie and is actually good at acting in it?

Tim McGraw was surprisingly good in his support role for Friday Night Lights.

Were any of Pocahontas family or siblings famous?

If someone is picking on one of your siblings (sister or brother) then have the courage to stand by their side and do the best you can to protect them. Although many siblings go through a period of... Read More »

Does khandi Alexander have any famous siblings?

Why would you make him cry? He's your brother. Despite that he annoys you and is occasionally playing jokes on you, he still loves you. I know that you may be too young to understand that but you m... Read More »