Who are the elevens in Dave at night?

Answer Mike,the twins,

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Are there any 7-Elevens in London, Manchester and/or Glasgow?

We have SPAR' s which are very similar to 7-11's and Slush Puppies instead of Slurpees!Try some decent food instead of MacDonald's (yes unfortunately we do have them) it's called Fish and Chips. ... Read More »

Who is Dave?

Who is Dave lister?

One of the four main characters on a very little known cult British comedy. He is an utter slob, loves curry, vindaloo, a woman named Kichansky who died 3 million years prior, and cigarettes. He li... Read More »

How old is Dave tango?

He is going to be 26 on the 20th of march thank you very much sodont you rango with the tango