Who are the cops that pick up kids that skip school?

Answer Normal cops usually pick up skippers. First-hand experience.

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Should parents be fined if their kids skip school?

No, they should not be fined if their kids skip school. It is none of the school's business if a child skips school so long as the parent phones the school and tells them that their child is not co... Read More »

Who can you authorize to pick up your kids from school?

maybe the closest in your family that you trust the mostAnother View: Actually . . . this question is worded in MUCH too general a way to be answered in specifics.If you actually mean - sign your c... Read More »

How to Skip the Last Day of School?

The last day of school can be considered informal in most places - returning textbooks, cleaning out lockers, distributing yearbooks and throwing class parties. However, if you really want an early... Read More »

How to Skip School?

If you want to skip school, this is the article for you! Keep in mind, however, that some of these techniques may not work if you have particularly intelligent parents.