Who are the actors in the DirecTV commercial?

Answer John Michael Higgins plays the VP with all the ridiculous ideas and Ed Begley Jr. plays the CEO. The spots were directed by Christopher Guest of Spinal Tap fame.John Michael Higgins: http://www.imd... Read More »

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What is the song from the new Directv commercial Where the guy shoots the film guy to steal the movies The commercial is called Don't just watch TV?

Who is the actors in the direct tv dirtbag commercial?

278 - Discovery413 - Discovery en Espanol436 - Discovery Familia279 - Discovery Health Channel294 - Discovery KidsBTW- You can use the Menu button -> Search for Shows -> Channel -> Then type the ch... Read More »

Who are the two actors in the DirecTV commerical where 1 tears the other sports jacket?

Who are the actors in the Packers 49ers Direct TV commercial?

The priest is a seasoned actor by the name of Pat Mulvihill. He is represented by a Chicago talent firm.