How can I get up early and be energetic all day this Sunday?

Answer So wait, you want energy to have fun? Just have as much fun as possible, you won't get tired until the fun ends, trust me.Just have a good night sleep the night before, maybe go to sleep a little e... Read More »

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I'm 17 and my boss made me work for 9 hours on Sunday. Is this legal (in NYS)?

Sounds like a couple of violations there. Here is a breakdown for you.…

How will you commemorate World Diabetes Day this Sunday, November 14, 2010?

With Cheetos and porn. Just like any other Sunday.

Well Guys I Won't Be Able To Sleep (Not) Waiting For This Series To Start On Sunday....HA HA?

I'm a real reality junky though, I'll probably watch it, even if it is crap !!!!!

Hey guys, I was thinking about getting my tongue pierced this sunday, and I was wondering if it hurts?

I got my tounge peirced in college. The actual peircing doesn't hurt, but when your tounge swells...that definitely hurts for a couple days. I got rid of my tounge ring cause the dentist told me wi... Read More »