Who are the 12 original apostles?

Answer The 12 Apostles were the original disciples of Jesus. Like Jesus, they came from the north of Israel, and traveled with him to Jerusalem, where they witnessed his final days. The New Testament prov... Read More »

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Who are the 12 apostles?

In Christianity, the 12 apostles were missionaries chosen by Jesus Christ. Originally referred to as disciples, the chosen consisted of Simon, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matt... Read More »

How did the apostles die?

Christian tradition passed down from the early days of the church records the deaths of the Apostles. According to the traditions, most of the Apostles met their deaths by martyrdom.Natural CausesO... Read More »

How many apostles are left?

The 12 original apostles of Christ are dead. The location and date of death as well as the gravesites of some apostles are not known. However, known causes of apostle deaths included beheading, cru... Read More »

How did the apostles of Jesus die?

The Bible documents two apostles' deaths, and early Christian writers are the sources for much of the information on how the rest of them died. Most accounts agree, with some variations, that most ... Read More »