Who are some people that have been fitted with the Boston Scleral Lens?

Answer im the one that asked the question. what i didn't mention is that i have a digital camera with no memory card (or slot) i have a USB cable and i'd like to konw if there is a product that i can plug... Read More »

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This question is for people who have a Defibrillator/Pacemaker device fitted for CDM, does your?

Thank you for the add. Suddenly I have a better idea of what is wrong. You are feeling a tugging sensation. It is a common complaint, but not one I've experienced with my own pacing ICD. When they ... Read More »

Can a Front Guard be fitted on any motorcycles in India, or it can be fitted only in some?

In Europe that is done for any Driving School motorbike, so you could have custom kits made for pretty much any motorbike.However aesthetically it suffers, so people rather buy some like these http... Read More »

Will Glasses Help After a Scleral Buckle on My Eye?

A scleral buckle looks similar to a thick rubber band that is roughly the same diameter of the human eyeball. It is applied around the eyeball during the repair of a retinal detachment. Applicatio... Read More »

How long does a scleral buckle last?

A scleral buckle is a surgical method of repairing a retina that has been detached. Although the surgery has been successful, it is possible to need multiple surgeries as proliferative vitreoretino... Read More »