Who are some good youtubers that i could watch?

Answer for beauty - AndreasChoice…for jokes - JennaMarbles, ItsKingsley, LuanLegacy Read More »

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I enjoy bird watching, but the camera I have is not very good for that. Could any body recommend some few good?

For birding, you need a camera with a high power telephoto lens (not necessarily a super-zoom), unless you can entice them to come in close to you (bird feed, etc). A lens 500mm or more in focal l... Read More »

What is a some good, famous quotes that I could use for my Gmail signature?

There's this really good Einstein one that's something like: "Only two things are infinite; space and human stupidity. But I am not sure about the former."Also,"It was the dog! The dog!" Gary La... Read More »

What are some good things to sell on eBay that could make me a little extra cash?

i reccomend NOT using ebay, try using mightybid or amazon. ebay and paypal are both evil corporations that steal from the customers.

Any funny youtubers to watch?

nigahigapeter chaomychonnyshimmycocopuffsscommunitychanneljennamarblesfluffeeralkssupereeegoshane dawsond-trixstillnotdavid