5 famous people born in California from the 1800's?

Answer 1.Juan Bautista Valentín Alvarado y Vallejo (February 14, 1809 – July 13, 1882) was a Californio and twice Governor of Alta California from 1836 to 1837, and 1838 to 1842.2. Isaac Graham (Septem... Read More »

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Are some people born gay?

On One Hand: Homosexuality Is GeneticIn July 1993, an article was published in "Time" magazine that offered evidence of the link between genetics and homosexuality. This came in the form of a resea... Read More »

Who are some famous people with stomach cancer?

I don’t know why it would matter to anyone if the person is a famous person or not.However you are going to find anyone with stomach cancer, because most people die from it.Famous people, just li... Read More »

Can Reiki be learnt/practiced by just everyone Or, some people are natural-born as intruments to harness?

Yes, Reiki can be learned and practiced by everyone, it is said to utilize universal energy, and if this is so, should be a source available to all. The Reiki system requires an attunement by a ma... Read More »

What talk show giant was born on January 29?