How do I transfer saves to the Wii?

Answer SD Card ChannelInsert an SD card into the front of the Nintendo Wii. Make sure that the SD card clicks so that it is inserted fully. Point the Wii remote to the small SD card icon at the bottom of ... Read More »

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How to Put Game Saves on Your PSP?

Confronting a hard game or secret part of a PSP game? You can have it unlocked by someones else's hard work.

How to Use Saves for Action Replay Max?

Action Replay Max is a game cheating and enhancement cartridge for Sony PlayStation 2, made by Datel and distributed by Codejunkies. The cartridge allows players to modify games with various extra ... Read More »

How to Use Action Replay DS for Saves?

The Action Replay DS family of cheat cartridges allows users to modify and enhance Nintendo DS games through use of cheat codes downloaded from the Internet and found in magazines. However, the car... Read More »

Who played Harper on iCarly Saves TV?

Leon G. Thomas the third. He was in August Rush!~!