Who are primary&secondary stakeholders?

Answer Stakeholders in a business or project are individuals affected by or playing a role in the action undertaken. A primary stakeholder is one who is critical to success, and ultimately affected by the... Read More »

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Who Are Stakeholders in Management?

Stakeholders are people or organizations that have an interest in a project or in a company. Broadly speaking, stakeholders may also include customers, suppliers and community members who may be af... Read More »

Who are Barbie stakeholders?

Barbie stakeholders are people, groups or organizations that have either direct or indirect dealings with the manufacturer of Barbie products, Mattel. The stakeholders are often asked to give input... Read More »

How to Research Needs & Wants From Stakeholders?

Stakeholders generally have divergent needs and wants, but can expect you, or your organization, to respond to all their requests. To keep stakeholders engaged, they need to feel included, but your... Read More »

Problems With Stakeholders?

In a work place, managing stakeholder relationships means dealing with peers, superiors, subordinates, business partners, clients, customers, suppliers and volunteers. Although it may seem like eac... Read More »