Who are kathleen battle's siblings?

Answer no siblings of what we know of.

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What is the origin of the the first name Kathleen?

The name Kathleen is a girl’s name and is the variant of Katherine. Kathleen is of Irish origin and means pure. It became known in the 1840s when it was first used outside of Ireland.References:T... Read More »

What is the meaning of the name Kathleen in Greek?

Kathleen is a feminine name of Irish origin meaning “pure.” It is a variant of the Greek name Katherine, which could derive from the Greek goddess Hecate, the Greek word for “torture,” a Co... Read More »

Did anyone else's voice change after pregnancy I sound like Kathleen Turner and just hoping it sticks?

Yes! I was prepared for it because I studied voice in college. I knew that hormone shifts could affect the voice. Pregnancy deepens and rounds out the voice and menopause makes it kind of airy a... Read More »

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