Where can I find a left-handed hammer I've got a couple of big pictures to hang up, I want them to look?

Answer The third isle on your left at the Depot. Just passed the left handed shovels and rakes you'll see the spot with the left handed hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches and paint brushes. If you get to the ... Read More »

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Science Fair Projects on Right-handed vs. Left-Handed?

Students carrying out work for the science fair can center their project on people's handedness. Have students take several photographs and present graphs and charts of their results where possible... Read More »

How to Bowl Left Handed With a Right Handed Bowling Ball?

What to do when you're "left" with the "right" ball. Difficult problem with an easy fix.

How to Tell if a Pair of Scissors for Kids Are Left Handed or Right Handed?

As a child grows older, he is expected to master more milestones, such as tying his shoes or cutting along a line. While these skills may seem minor, they are indicators of where a child is in his... Read More »

Does being right handed or left handed affect talent?

Handedness does not have any affect on talent. This myth may be rooted in the fact that creativity is controlled by the right side of the brain, which also controls the left side of the body. This ... Read More »