Who are 5 black superheroes?

Answer Racism affected all walks of life in the 20th century, including the comparatively benign realm of comic books. African American superheroes were almost non-existent during the Gold and Silver Age ... Read More »

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What is the legion of superheroes?

The Legion of Superheroes was a superhero team depicted in DC Comics. The Legion of Superheroes first appeared with Adventure Comic's No. 247 edition in 1958. The Legion of Superheroes was inspired... Read More »

Superheroes Homecoming Float Theme Ideas?

Homecoming week is a time that faculty and staff work to increase school spirit before the big football game with the school's rival. Normally, a big pep rally presentation and parade ends the wee... Read More »

What was so bad about BM in Sweet Life of Zach and Cody the shooting star episode where they turn into superheroes?

probabaly some retarded tv show producer who was to lazy to do it himself so he asked his 3 year old to do it

There was this TV series in the mid-late 90's that had kids break into a house and they made a wish to become superheroes of somesort what was that show?