Who agrees with me that Wikipedia is the sequel to the Bible?

Answer Um...probably no one.

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Who else agrees with me that the Jonas Brothers are an abomination?

No, that word is too big for them, they can't pronounce it right. How about garbage?

What's One Musical Opinion You Have That You Think No One Else Here Agrees With?

All things considered, Heidi Montag's album was pretty good.

What's a movie that you've seen that you wish would of had a sequel?

'I Am Legend' with Will Smith was beyond description. It was so mature and so intelligent. I would love to have seen his family survive and find him empowered to straighten out the city's plague. T... Read More »

Who else agrees that the Watchmen sucked?

i definitely agree. First off for those comic nerds out there, this was supposed to be a movie not a comic book. it is not an extension of the the graphic novel it was based on. it is a MOVIE and a... Read More »