Who agrees with me about Google . . . ?

Answer yeah i also agree and can u plz email me to tell me how to do the tokio hotel logo like u did ?

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I am so sick and tired of hearing about Britney Spears. Who all agrees with me The press should ignore her?

They would have to find someone else to stalk then.But i agree i don't give a **** about all that gossip.....

Google earth fake ...who agrees?

It's not streaming a live video feed, it's real pictures that a satellite took compiled together to form the earth.

You want to leave your parents house to live with a non blood relative how would you go about doing this if only one side agrees to allow it?

A legally adopted child is considered the parent's child just as much as if they had given birth to that child. So being adopted does not affect the rights or the heirship of the deceased parent's ... Read More »

Who agrees with me that Wikipedia is the sequel to the Bible?