Who actually reads all of Facebook's terms of service.. and....?

Answer I did, because we work with Facebook advertisement. And you would be surprised to know that everything you put on now Facebook's property...oh yes it is, you should read it sometime..... Read More »

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My copied dvd reads differently on dvd player and reads different on my computer?

I think you just didn't copy your dvd right,I mean the format of your copy-ed dvd is not fit your machine, or maybe there's some thing wrong with your copy software ,you can recopy it or try anoth... Read More »

What does Defrag actually mean in layman terms please?

When a computer stores files on your hard disk drive, it tries to store the file in one long contiguous chunk of space. Sometimes, one chunk of space is not available, and it stores the file in l... Read More »

How did my answer violate the Yahoo! terms of service?

Not a unique experience, my friend. Happens when you try to give serious sincere advice.Never tell a schoolkid he/she shouldn't be wasting precious study time trying to find ways to bypass officia... Read More »

Who here thinks the NSA reads your mail, reads your e-mails and taps your phone...?

I LOVE your question... and being NONE of the above makes me happy :) it means I have nothing to fear.