Who actually owns the interweb ?

Answer Is it just all of us who are adding things to the web?

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Who actually owns Adjara Turkey Georgia?

No one really know's I guess, but Turkey is very safe to visit, Of coarse if you go to shady places than it might not be so safe. But places like Istanbul, Ankara and place's like those are very sa... Read More »

How can i upload photo's from a photo album onto the interweb?

I have no idea how to answer your question... I just want to say you have the best pic and user name. house is the best and my hat goes off to you.

Do you actually ever actually drive at 30mph?

I do morre like 35 now.My wife got a ticket last week, 39 in a 30 mph zone.Police officers should go after tailgaters and drunk drivers ...I live in Utah, drivers are very bad here...

What actually is "dpi"?

dots per inchThe higher your dpi (dots per inch) the better your image resolution.