What are those sharp pains you get sometimes...where it doesn't hurt when you move but when you breathe...?

Answer There is cartilage between your ribs, as well as muscles and tissues over them of course. I believe the sharp pain you are describing is related to those structures, although I could not state exac... Read More »

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What is the name of the 80's TV series where a man lit up blue when he took his shirt off and swung it around his head when he did?

W5 Wednesday: Who What Where When Why?

hello :)Favourite director: Christopher NolanMovie that made me a fan: Science fiction, Star Wars Where was my favourite actress born: Birkeshire, England (Kate Winslet)When: Probably when I was 3W... Read More »

What makeup should you where when you are 11?

she's still young.Shw wouldn't look nice with too much make-up on.She should wear eyeliner.I don't mean the liquid eyeliner i mean the pencil eyeliner.She should't wear eyeshadow.Clear ligloss shou... Read More »

When were the sony dr-9 headphones made not where WHEN?