Who Was the Wife of Robert Kearns, Inventor of Intermittent Windshield Wipers?

Answer Robert Kearns was married to Phyllis Kearns. They had six children together before finally divorcing in 1986. Phyllis Kearns was portrayed on screen by Lauren Graham in the film about Mr. Kearns' l... Read More »

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Was Robert Weitbrecht the inventor of tty?

Robert Weitbrecht, James Marsters and Andrew Saks invented the teletypewriter, or TTY in 1964. The TTY allows deaf and speech-impaired people to communicate over the telephone. Weitbrecht and Mars... Read More »

What was the name of Robert Hartley's wife on The Bob Newhart Show?

If your wife got off the patch and the doctor told you to wait a month to have sex and you didn't and now your wife is pregnant will the baby be born with defects?

Answer No. It's a noted fact that if women are on any type of birth control (pill form or the patch) that if you stop taking it you are much more likely to get pregnant quickly. Don't worry! Tal... Read More »

Does the biological father of your wife's son have rights if you want to adopt your wife's son?

Answer Yes, he has rights and if you want to adopt this child he would have to relinquish his rights to you. Go see an adoption attorney and he will best guide you.