Who Invented the Windshield?

Answer Mary Anderson, an American inventor, invented the windshield wiper in 1903. By 1916, windshields were patented and part of every American car.Source:Mary Anderson: Inventory of Windshields

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Who invented the car windshield?

The first cars were not equipped with windshields--drivers wore goggles to protect themselves from debris. Later, pane glass was installed to protect drivers. In 1919, Henry Ford began using "glass... Read More »

Who invented the windshield wiper?

Mary Anderson patented a design for a windscreen wiper swinging arm in 1903. Gladstone Adams patented a design for a windscreen wiper in 1911 that began appearing in cars in 1916.Source:The Great I... Read More »

Who invented the automatic windshield wiper?

Some debate exists about who invented the first automatic windshield wiper. Most credit Ormand Wall, a Hawaiian dentist who designed the first motor-powered windshield wiper in 1917. According to O... Read More »

Who invented the windshield wiper motor?

Mary Anderson invented the first set of manually operated windshield wipers in 1905. Another woman, Charlotte Bridgwood, president of Bridgwood Manufacturing Company of New York, invented the first... Read More »