Who Invented the Windshield?

Answer Mary Anderson, an American inventor, invented the windshield wiper in 1903. By 1916, windshields were patented and part of every American car.Source:Mary Anderson: Inventory of Windshields

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Who invented the car windshield?

The first cars were not equipped with windshields--drivers wore goggles to protect themselves from debris. Later, pane glass was installed to protect drivers. In 1919, Henry Ford began using "glass... Read More »

When Was the Windshield Wiper Invented?

While riding a streetcar during a snowstorm and watching the driver get out and clear the windshield every few minutes, Mary Anderson did the first drawing of a windshield wiper system in 1903. She... Read More »

Who invented the windshield wiper?

Mary Anderson patented a design for a windscreen wiper swinging arm in 1903. Gladstone Adams patented a design for a windscreen wiper in 1911 that began appearing in cars in 1916.Source:The Great I... Read More »

Who invented the automatic windshield wiper?

Some debate exists about who invented the first automatic windshield wiper. Most credit Ormand Wall, a Hawaiian dentist who designed the first motor-powered windshield wiper in 1917. According to O... Read More »