Who Invented the Spinning Top?

Answer Tops made of powdered quartz have been discovered by archeologists in the ancient Egyptian tombs of both children and adults. It is hypothesized by historians that the Egyptian people invented the ... Read More »

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Who invented the spinning top toy?

No one can say for certain who invented the spinning top toy; as the Museum of Yo-Yo History states, "it was discovered, or invented, almost simultaneously... in many different areas of the world. ... Read More »

Who invented the spinning machine?

James Hargreaves, an Englishman, invented the spinning jenny, and it was patented on July 12, 1770. The hand-powered spinning jenny could produce as many as eight threads at one time, compared to o... Read More »

How to Make a Balanced Spinning Pencil (Pen Spinning)?

Having recently started pen spinning, you may find that unmodified pen is to off balance and the recommended custom pens are too complex and expensive. Here is an article to fix that dilemma...the ... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a DVD That Is Not Spinning?

All DVD transports, like any moving motor, eventually lock up or seize due to lack of lubrication. With a DVD motor, this is problematic, as the electronics inside the unit expect the disc to ramp... Read More »