Who Invented the Pocket Knife?

Answer The pocket knife is the one item that is like a man's second skin--it never leaves his side. The pocket knife is perfect for anyone, as this is a small knife that folds small enough to fit into a p... Read More »

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When was the pocket knife invented?

The pocket knife was first invented in Rome during the first century. It became popular, which led to other larger blade knives. In the 16th century, the compact traveling knife became another popu... Read More »

How to Break in a Pocket Knife?

The simple pocket knife is a utilitarian tool that can be safely and easily maintained with the proper care. As with many tools, breaking in a knife will help improve performance and maintain its ... Read More »

How to Determine the Age of a Pocket Knife?

Collecting antique and vintage pocket knives is a popular hobby. Traditionally, nearly every man or boy, from doctors to farmers, had a pocket knife with them. There are many specialized knives mad... Read More »

How to Sharpen a Pocket Knife?

What good is a knife that is so dull it will not cut anything? Pocket knives are handy, but because of their accessibility, they get used for all sorts of purposes. It is common to see a person use... Read More »