Who Invented the Pneumatic Tire?

Answer In 1888, John Dunlop created the blueprint for the modern pneumatic tire used on bicycles.Source:IdeaFinder

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Who invented the pneumatic tire from a section of garden hose?

The pneumatic tire was not invented from a section of garden hose. The first pneumatic tire was invented by an Irish veterinarian, John Boyd Dunlap. He glued canvas to make an inner tube for his so... Read More »

Pneumatic Tire Tools?

Utilizing pneumatic tire tools you can safely inflate, maintain, mount or dismount, balance, align and rotate pneumatic tires. Selecting the correct tools for pneumatic tire maintenance, installati... Read More »

Tire Shop Pneumatic Tools?

Tire repair shops are noisy places, mostly because of pneumatic tools used by installers. The most obvious tool is the air-powered one used to remove and install wheels. A modern tire shop could no... Read More »

Pneumatic Tire Repair Tools?

If you've ever peaked your head into a tire shop while your car was being worked on you've probably wondered what those loud noises were. Most tire centers have a pneumatic air system that plays an... Read More »