Who Invented the Cassette Player?

Answer The first cassette player, the EL 3300, was invented and marketed by Philips Electronics, a company based in the Netherlands. The technology was based on a scaled-down version of reel-to-reel tape ... Read More »

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When was the audio cassette player invented?

Much smaller than other recording devices of its day, the first audio cassette player was invented in 1963 by the Phillips Corporation.Source:Recording Technology History

When was the first cassette player invented?

The cassette tape was invented by researchers at Phillips in 1967. Since then they've been used to store computer data but are best known to consumers for storing music.Source:How Cassette Tapes Work

How do I set up my DVD player video cassette recorder?

Setting up a DVD player/video cassette (VHS) recorder is a simple task that often needs to be personalized according to the unit in question and the user's needs. Different player/recorder combos o... Read More »

How to Transfer a Cassette Recording to a CD Player?

Transferring a cassette recording to a CD capable of playing in an audio CD player is a fairly simple task thanks to advances in modern recording technology. In the past, transferring a cassette to... Read More »