Who Invented the Car Radio?

Answer William P. Lear patented the car radio after he was contracted by Galvin Manufacturing Corp. in Chicago to help assist its engineers, according to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Lear al... Read More »

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Who invented XM Radio?

XM Radio wasn't "invented." It was founded as a result of a consortium of organizations--including Hughes Aircraft Co., Mobile Telecommunications Technologies Corp and McCaw Communications--that so... Read More »

When was the FM radio invented?

Frequency modulation (FM) radio was invented in 1933 by Edwin Howard Armstrong as a solution to some of the shortcomings of amplitude modulation (AM) radio. Armstrong spent years battling corporati... Read More »

Who invented the two-way radio?

A two-way radio can send and receive (transmit) data messages without the use of wires. In 1923, Senior Constable Frederick William Downie, a member of the Victorian police in Australia, created th... Read More »

Who invented the shortwave radio?

Heinrich Hertz discovered sending and receiving radio waves. Building upon Hertz's experiments, Guglielmo Marconi sent his first radio transmissions in 1896. Marconi continued his work and sent o... Read More »