Who Inspires You?

Answer Divinity first, humanity second.

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What song inspires you most?

The Unthinking Majority by Serj Tankian. Every time I feel like it's too much effort to try to change the world, he reminds me that everyone can make a difference, and that there is no excuse for b... Read More »

Which song inspires you spiritually?

Every time I hear that song I love it more.Many love songs speak to me of the Beloved, the Divine & this song is no exception.I have many "God Songs" as I call them, but I am sharing 2 of my favori... Read More »

What aspect of Dr Jekyll's own character inspires his research?

His own craziness inspired him to study how the mind worked.

[MJ fans] In a short paragraph describe how does Michael inspires you...?

I don't know where to start, I could write enough to fill the world three times over and still not feel as though I fully told people why I love Michael and how he has inspired me. So a short parag... Read More »