Who Has the Right Plan for America's Economy?

Answer A Social Security card is important because you need it to get a job and collect Social Security benefits. Many companies, banks and credit companies will ask for a Social Security card for proof ... Read More »

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Can I get an economy auto insurance plan if I lease in Michigan?

The state of Michigan requires drivers to have basic no-fault insurance, which includes Personal Injury Protection, Property Protection and Residual Liability Insurance. It does not require the inc... Read More »

What Is the Spousal Right With a 457 Retirement Plan?

Your 457 plan is a deferred compensation plan set up and maintained by your employer. But the 457 plan functions like a pension in many ways, even though there is no minimum retirement age for with... Read More »

How to See if a Self Funded Health Insurance Plan Is Right for Your Business?

A self-funded health plan may be an alternative method for your company to control the double digit health care cost increases. Here are a few of the pros and cons to see if a self-funded health in... Read More »

I like to pretend to have a robotic voice. Which cell phone plan is right for me?

The "LOST IN SPACE" plan, which allows the user to sound like the robot, and comes with this greeting:WARNING WARNING WARNING, WILL ROBINSON WILL ROBINSON ALERT ALERT WARNING WARNINGand if you sign... Read More »