Who Has Been on the Wheaties Box the Most?

Answer NBA athlete Michael Jordan has appeared on the front of the Wheaties box 18 times--more than any other athlete. Three of these appearances were with his teammates from the Chicago Bulls. Wheaties f... Read More »

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Here's my situ..I'v been the most ill I'v been in a while - hosp for a month just before Christmas?

Thrush is an oral yeast infection usually caused by high levels of antibiotics but it doesn't necessarily mean that your immune system was weakened, just that the antibiotics killed the good bacter... Read More »

Who was the first person on a wheaties box?

The first person to appear on a box of Wheaties was baseball player Lou Gehrig in 1934. The first team to appear on the Wheaties box was the Minnesota Twins in 1987. Wheaties was first introduced a... Read More »

Who was the first pro athlete on a Wheaties box?

First baseman Lou Gehrig of the New York Yankees was the first professional athlete to appear on a box of Wheaties cereal. Gehrig, at the age of 31, won baseball's Triple Crown in 1934, leading the... Read More »

How to Collect Wheaties Boxes?

Wheaties, the self-proclaimed "Breakfast of Champions," has been a morning staple for decades. From Olympic medalists to high-profile NBA and NFL stars and teams, many professional sports figures c... Read More »