Who HATES the new youtube?

Answer Yes, it is very confusing and commenting is complicated but we will all get used to it. The important thing for me is that I can watch videos, so it isn't a huge problem with me.

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What are you going to do when your mom tell you that she hates you and she hates the day you were born?

Just walk away theres nothing you can truly do but know that your here for a reason but dont do anything youll regret nor kill yourself and if you hurt them later on itll hurt u trust me.

Who hates iPods?

I agree wholeheartedly. The iPod does have many drawbacks, but I feel that it is too late to do anything. It is almost like rolling a snowball down the hill, everybody has one, and for anybody who ... Read More »

Who hates iCarly?

Who hates Starbucks?

I do. They are overpriced and over-roasted.