Who Discovered Gadolinium?

Answer In 1880, in France, Jean de Marignac discovered Gadolinium, a metallic rare-earth element. The symbol for Gadolinium is Gd and it is often used in light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. .SourceFacts A... Read More »

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When is gadolinium used?

Gadolinium was discovered in the 1880s, but it was not used in any products until recently, according to Vector Vision. Gadolinium is a naturally occurring element found in bastnasite and monazite.... Read More »

Where is gadolinium found?

Gadolinium is the 64th element in the periodic table. It is like other rare-earth metals, in that it is silvery-white in color, malleable and easily molded or shaped.OccuranceGadolinium occurs in s... Read More »

Is there gallium in gadolinium?

Gallium and gadolinium are two different elements. A pure gadolinium sample would have no gallium in it (and vice versa). The elements are distinguishable by atomic number; gallium has an atomic nu... Read More »

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