Who Decides Who Wins Oscars?

Answer Though the Oscar awards are watched by millions, it's likely that many TV viewers are unaware of how the final decisions are made. Once you understand the nomination process, comprehension of the f... Read More »

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If Y!A decides to ban the photos?

You will note that I have Renoir of a completely naked nipples showing woman as my new photo. I would rather go back to my normal photo as I believe this photo undermines my credibility. However... Read More »

What Decides the Value of Money?

Most money used in the 21st has no inherent value. Gold and silver standards used to give money a value in precious metals, and through the Bretton Woods system in the 20th century, most currencies... Read More »

Who decides on immigration at the U.S. embassy?

At U.S. embassies and consulates outside the U.S., foreign service workers called consular officers are the ones that review visa applications, interview applicants and grant visas. In some countri... Read More »

Who decides what's "in" for fashion each season?

Some magazines report what they think is in. Really there is no complete source for what's "in" but you can look around and just observe from others what seems to be in. Most resources have differe... Read More »