Who Chooses The Best Anwser?

Answer The asker usually unless he waits too long and then it goes into voting so yahoo community will choose the best answer.

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Mt. dew spilled on a laptop Help! 10pt for best anwser!?…Coffee, soda, beer, and other liquids spilled on your laptop can badly damage your system and result in costly repairs. For Dell computers, liquid spills ... Read More »

Homecoming Help! Which Dress! 10 points rewarded to best anwser!?

definatley 1better colors and betterjust all aroundin shape and everythingand the shoes are awesomethey are colorful and sexygo w/#1 and you'll have all the guys over you!!

Is star 67 free to dial on land lines first best anwser gets it!?

*67 is totally free! and its the only star feature that is free with any phone or cell provider!!

PLEASE ANWSER how can i get rid of my acne?

Hi,I will be straight forward and very brief,I also had acne, through my experience, this is my suggestions,1. Wash your pillow every 2 weeks or whenever you think it is getting dirty.2. Say goodby... Read More »