White spots left on dishes by dishwasher?

Answer The problem is hard water. There is a new product out called the dishwasher filtration system. It filters the water before it enters your dishwasher. It works amazing and has a money back guarante... Read More »

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Why is Dishwasher leaving white spots on dishes?

The reason for these spots is because of hard water. Hard minerals found in most water when heated in the dishwasher dries with a white/film like residue. There is a new product out called the dish... Read More »

Why do you have food particles left on your dishes after running them threw dishwasher?

Don't even try. My apartment caught fire when the plastic got too hot on the heating coil. Just buy a new heating coil and replace it.

Why are you getting a white residue after you wash dishes in the dishwasher?

Depending on the brand, dishwashers typically consume 7.5 to 12 gallons (28 to 45 liters) of water per normal wash.

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