White spots in teeth after bleaching?

Answer First of all your teeth aren't ruined. The sensitivity you speak of is the most common side affect with bleaching your teeth because it makes your teeth more pourous allowing for more air to get cl... Read More »

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How to get natural looking white teeth without bleaching or whitening?

I don't really know, but the only thing I do know is that stripes to help. However, that crazy answer at the couple of drops of lemon drops or the strawberries, that dude is trippin. That acid on y... Read More »

White Spots on your teeth?

If your a mouth breather, your mouth is dry therefore your teeth are dry and the decalcified/fluoridosis areas show more brightly, once you moisten your teeth with saliva, they're not as noticeable... Read More »

White spots on teeth?

White spots are hypocalcified marks either when the teeth were forming or if plaque sat on the teeth for a while. When the teeth dry out (like sleeping and breathing through your mouth), the whit... Read More »

Why do I have white spots on my teeth?

Teeth can appear discolored for a variety of reasons, but a white spot may indicate an irregularity in the tooth enamel.Tooth EnamelTeeth contain an outer mineral coating known as enamel. Tooth ena... Read More »