White spot in mouth, help?

Answer You are correct, it is a tiny ulcer. You can buy a Gel to put on it at your local pharmacy.If you check out mouth ulcers on google it will tell you of the many causes of them...............

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My father age 64, brown,white spot in hand,and foot,what i do,nd how to remove spot?

You don't. They are probably age spots caused by pigmentation in the skin. Have a doctor look at them soon - some of these spots can be cancerous or precancerous.

Spot sort of lump roof of mouth?

Get The Canker Spanker! It's the only thing that has worked for me. It's a pill, so it doesn't irritate the sore, just heals it fast and prevents new breakouts. Look'em up online or call your pharm... Read More »

What is this white spot in my eye?

keep an eye on it .ha ha.... if you never noticed it before and cannot feel it there when you blink it's problably "nothing" but if you are certain that you have never seen it before and juuuust wa... Read More »

What is this white spot on my tooth?

Yes sounds like decalcification to me as well. You don't necessarily have to have bad oral hygiene for this to happen, it could be cause you have weak enamel actually. To prevent further decalcific... Read More »