White screen on Macbook Pro!?

Answer White lcd screen means that the back light is getting power but no image is being fed to the lcd from the video card. The problem is either a bad video cable or your video card is going bad.

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How do you fix the a LCD screen on a Canon SD450 digital camera that is a blank white screen in all modes?

This af mode is when you are focusing on subjects that are changing distance , it will continuously focus IE sporting event , now just use al focus and it will switch from one shot or al servo when... Read More »

Pen ink on white MacBook?

nail polish remover or windex. As long as the ink is on the casing it should be fine.

You accidentally squashed your iPhone the screen went white and stayed like it the ipod music kept playing though what have you broken is it just the screen?

How do you take a screen shot on a Macbook?

shift command 3 takes a picture of the entire screen.shift command 4 lets you select a portion of the screen.or, just open this application that was pre-installed on your Mac: Macintosh HD -> Appli... Read More »